The Oddsoul Way


Every product, business or service needs to look good (branding), have a good product (sourcing) and get into the marketplace (sales).

Sales, sourcing and branding need to work in harmony and support each other. We understand that not everyone is strong in each area. We would love to help you in whatever area you need strengthening. Launching a new product from the start is our favourite.

What we don’t do …

  • Make you write a 10 step business plan (go to Uni)

  • Wear suits and ties

  • Things half hearted

  • Steal your idea (we have enough ourselves)

  • Learned out of a book how its “supposed” to work

What we believe

  • There is no bad ideas

  • There is no budget to small

  • There is no shortcuts to success

  • Nothing works without passion

  • Let your yes be a yes and your no be a no

Hit us up - we don’t bite.